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    We have the most powerful database search facility that you will find anywhere on the web for English Courses in English-Speaking Countries. It will pinpoint exactly the course you are looking for.

    It is online now with some 960 courses offered by over 50 schools in 9 countries. Click here to come and see it and try it out!.

Learn English in England, Scotland, Ireland, Malta, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa...

  • For adults, children, companies, professionals, and... everyone.

We will...

  • select YOUR course according to YOUR specifications...
  • from our databank of over 960 different courses offered by 55 of the best recognized schools which we too have inspected.
  • Our range of courses is vast and varied - from Individual courses for top Executives in an English country manor, with Special Purpose content to order (English for Business, for Finance, for Law, etc. etc.), to courses specially designed for those on a low low budget, including the opportunity to work to part-pay for the course (see below for details).
  • You can find your course directly from our online database of 1000 English courses. This is the quickest way. Or you can send us your requirements (answering the nine questions below)
  • ... and we'll send you a selection of matching proposals - for free!
  • And when you want to book a course, remember, you'll pay for it at THE SCHOOL'S OWN ORIGINAL PRICE, for we add NO mark-up! (We may make a small charge for our assistance services.)

What's more...

  • We can help you book your course, with accommodation and insurance.
  • We provide our service at any distance (wherever you are in the world).

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Special proposals

You are too busy? You have no time to learn English?

  • If you live in continental Europe we can organise intensive "English-study weekends" for you in England, at surprisingly low cost...
    (You do a short highly intensive individual course in your teacher's own home, within easy reach of your destination Airport or London or Kent if you come in by Eurostar. The cost is from GBP 585 including airport transfers.)
    For more information and to request a brochure, click here.

Problems with the cost of learning English?

It is possible to take an English course and to work (paid work) at the same time. We have some programmes available in Britain (Brighton, Edinburgh and London, and "demi-pair" for girls in London, see also below). And in Australia (six cities) it is possible with a student visa to combine part-time work with an intensive course. The work is usually in the hotel or restaurant trade, and often one can get food and lodging provided cheaply by the employer. Citizens of EU countries have no problems with work permits if coming to Great Britain. Other citizens should enquire with the nearest embassy of the country they wish to visit. Independent English Ltd cannot help with obtaining visas, except that our schools, where appropriate, will provide the necessary letters and certificates.

Or (for girls only, EU citizens, age 19-28, with at least a lower intermediate level of English) the "demi-pair" programme where you can have 8 or 12 weeks at just GBP 103 per week - in this case your accommodation is free, in exchange for 15 hours work per week in the family. You will learn a lot of English in this time.

For more information and to request a brochure on our work-study programmes, click here.
N.B.1 You will have to obtain your own visa.
N.B.2 You cannot expect to find work if your level of English is only elementary or lower. If you are less than "lower intermediate" level, you must expect to follow a course only, without working for several weeks, before you can think of starting to look for work.

London - special offers!

    We have a huge selection of courses in London, able to meet any requirement, and with a full range of accommodation options too.
    For those looking for a good course at very affordable prices, we can say it is possible to learn English in London quite economically if one is prepared to go outside the city centre. For example, we can recommend a good school (British Council recognised), with 15 hours per week in class, full board with selected London family, at GBP 205 per week, in a pleasant London suburb, just half an hour by underground from the city centre. The longer you book, the less it costs per week, and if you go for 48 weeks it costs only GBP 6937, which is GBP 144.50 per week; your only extra expense on top of this will be for local transport.

Malta! - Seaside, sunshine, and English courses at unbeatable value

A course with max 10 students in class, 15 hours a week, and appartment accommodation, costs from Euros 182 per week. This is if you take 12 weeks. If you take fewer weeks, it costs Euros 215 each week, still remarkably good value.

For more information on these special offers, and to request a brochure, click here.

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